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Free of charge services for investor

  • Registration of legal entity;
  • Cadastral registration;
  • Permission on construction, reconstruction, major repairs;

  • Getting data from Cadastral Chamber, Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions;

  • Permission for employment of expats;

  • Commissioning permit;

  • Documents for foreign citizens;

  • Prolongation of construction permit.

List of services which are provided by window №1 "State services" on free of charge basis* includes the following list of services: 

№ s/n of regulation

Description of service

Terms of service


Legal incorporation on the territory of municipalities of Lipetsk region**


3 working days


Drafting documents to apply to the authorities to obtain a resident or participant status in Regional Special Economic Zones, in industrial parks


1 working day


Assistance in land cadastral registration


10 working days


Assistance during conclusion of land lease agreement between Investor and owner of land


in accordance with agreement


Assistance during conclusion of land lease agreement for the period longer than 11 months


in accordance with agreement


Design and approval of construction development plan of land


10 working days


Execution of entry permits on the territory of Russia for foreign citizens and assistance in obtaining work permits for them


in accordance with agreement


Assistance in obtaining of conclusions concerning reasonability of expat employment (obtaining quotas )


in accordance with agreement


Assistance in obtaining of conclusions of state expert appraisal for objects of capital construction


in accordance with agreement


Assistance in obtaining construction permit


10 working days


Assistance in obtaining commissioning permit for object of capital construction


10 working days



* These services can be rendered free of charge in case of providing support as part of a package request

**Excepting payment of state registration fee, which should be paid by the founder- legal entity, on its own

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