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Promotion and advertising services

Partner company of Investment Support Center in the field of promotion and advertising service is Advertising company “Darina Green”

Our own production facilities, team of highly qualified specialists allows promptly and of high quality level fulfill the orders of different complexity.


List of providing services:

  • Large-format and interior print on banner fabric, paper, vinyl and perforated tape, banner lathing.

  • Outdoor advertising (sign-boards, light boxes, 3D letters, stands).

  • Design from any kind of advertisement.

  • Development of corporate identity style.

  • Budgeting of advertisement campaign, media-planning.

  • Placement of advertisement on TV and radio, in mess media, on light-emitting diode screens, panels, street- boxes, banners.

  • Audio- and video-advertisement

  • Print media materials and souvenirs.

  • Development of promotional concept (of brand, of services).

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