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About investment support center

Implementation of investment project begins from Investment Support Center (ISC). This is convenient service center, which integrates the best specialists of providing different kinds of services- consulting, legal, organizational, execution of technical and permission documentation in maximum short time. Operating principle of ISC which is functioning as “one-stop-shop” office allows efficiently solve different problems which evolve during implementation of project, reduce administrative load during carrying on of investor’s business activity and leading to reducing of time for project implementing.

In the Center are provided more than 500 quality services, which allow to implement investment projects on a turnkey basis. The most part of services is provided by the leading companies of Lipetsk region – they are called operators of Investment Support Center. These are companies which specialize in comprehensive security, construction and projection, land transactions, environmental support and customs clearance. For more prompt and quality response to upcoming requests, Corporation founded Alliances of Operators, which consist of two or more companies headed by Senior Operator which are integrated by same direction. Such a well-functioning operating principle of the Center allows to make easier controlling of the process, speed up implementation of project in two or more times and reduce investment project costs up to 30% due to providing package of services, absence of necessity of personal presence, absence of necessity of frequent trips in order to solve different problems and increasing of staff quantity. As the result all the preparation stages take not more than 18 months.

On order to solve different problems and assist the investors with different issues connected with project implementation, in order to inform them about government programs, state support, new legislation amendments employees of ISC hold the meetings, seminars, organize round tables with experts’ participation.

ISC welcomes each investor, active entrepreneur, who wants to develop his business in Lipetsk region, providing for him quality service, living out even all the challenging investment ideas and grand plans.